The Pig family wake up just in time for The Mr. Potato Show on TV. After the show, they poured themselves each a bowl of Corn Flakes and then smelled smoke. Mummy Pig went to the fire station and teamed up with Mummy Rabbit, Mrs Pony, Mrs Sheep and Mrs Dog, who are the rest of the fire briagde. Flames crackled and burned down particular buildings (as this is a kids show, some were empty and others were evacuated). Mummy Pig drove the fire engine to the scene and then there was a strong flame extending and the fire engine had to drive faster until the area was getting VERY burnt. Even the playground. Then, the fire truck squirted out all the water it had and 40% of the fire was put out. The fire truck drove to the beach and filled up on water from the sea. It squirted that out and it put out 49%. Then, it filled up on more water until the filling pipe was burnt. Seemingly nothing could help until there happened to be a GINORMOUS rainstorm. The rest of the fire was put out.

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