Peppa Pig: Mummy, can I go outside

Mummy Pig:Okay


Peppa Pig: Ladadada [bumps into abandoned Water Park]

Mummy Pig: Peppa look!

Peppa Pig: Whats that

Mummy Pig: Thats Camel Carls Island Oasis

Peppa Pig: Whats that huge water slide?

Mummy Pig: Thats the Tuloco

Peppa Pig: Was it the largest water slide in the world at it's time

Mummy Pig: Yes and lets go and take it

Barry Bull: [Vandailizes] You want me to carry that?

Mummy Pig: Yes!

Barry Bull: Fine [carries to Peppa's yard]

George Pig: Water Slide

Daddy Pig: Thanks!!

The End


  • This is the first appearence of the Tuloco
  • Tuloco is really spanish for Your Crazy so I made Tu loco into one word

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