The Known is Ellie Pony's 2nd studio album. It was released in 2011. Ellie Pony mentioned that her favorite song on here is We Go, which is a Mia Horse remake.

Track listing

No. Title Released Cover of Artist Notes
1. Cups February 4, 2011 Ellie Pony thought that this song had something to do with a real song which inspired her to make a song of her own.
2. The Gift January 10, 2011 This song was named as a caring song of singing people on this very special day.
3. We Go February 4, 2011 Mia Horse Ellie mentioned that it is her favorite song.
4. I Swear Februrary 12, 2011 (promotional)
August 3, 2011
Ellie did not know what she should do with this song so she decided to release it as a promotional single on February 12th.
5. Serious Moonlight March 31, 2011 Ellie released this track because she was very serious that day.
6. The Known December 17, 2010 Ellie Pony exactly knows this song everytime she listens to it.
7. I Know April 7, 2011 This is Ellie's last song recorded for the album because she injured her knee and could not record any more tracks. The next four tracks were originally intended for Sparkle in the Sky (2009).
8. Livin' It Up February 4, 2011
9. Now You Wanna Do It October 1, 2011
10. Call Me on the Phone February 4, 2011
11. Hold You Tight February 4, 2011

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