The Live Show is a late night talk show broadcast from the Acent Center in Orólanó and airing on OBC. It airs every day. 


  • Will Lenerd (September 8, 1947 to September 8, 1957) (Guest Host 2014)
  • Errie Lion (January 1,1957 to September 8, 1957)
  • Jake Tackler (March 5, 1956 to September 8, 1957)
  • Al' Gator (Febuary 9, 1957 to September 8, 1957)
  • Jack Bear (September 9, 1957 to April 1, 1963)
  • Various hosts (April 2, 1963 to September 8, 1963)
  • Jon Carrison (September 9, 1963 to September 9, 1993)
  • Jay Lion (September 10, 1993 to January 3, 2009)
  • Connor O'Neil (January 10, 2009 to January 2, 2010)
  • Jay Lion (January 19, 2010 to Febuary 6, 2014)
  • Jim Foxen (Febuary 14, 2014 to present)


Will Lenerd (1947-1957)

The franchise started after the founding of OBC Peppaversal, Will Lenerd wanted his own show so he created The Will Lenerd Show and hosted it. This premiered on LBBT-TV (now LBBC) in 1947. It was filmed at the LBBT-TV Studios. In 1957, it was renamed Live!

Live! Peppaland After Dark (1957)

Months before Lenerd's departure, the show was renamed and had various hosts until September of 1957.

Jack Bear (1957-1963)

After Lenerd's departure, Jack Bear his friend hosted the show until 1963. He had guests like the Queen, funny comedians, and even Will Lenerd!

Jon Carrison (1963-1993)

After Jack's departure, the show was renamed to The Live Show and replaced Bear with Carrison. He hosted the show for 30 years.

Jay Lion (1993-2009)

After Carrison's retirement, Jay Lion took over the show until 2009 which led to a conflict.

Connor O'Neil (2009-2010)

After Lion's first departure from the show, he took over the show until 2010 which involved a conflict.

Jay Lion (2010-2014)

Jay Lion returned in 2010 after the conflict ended with Connor's departure. He left in 2014 for the last time.

Jim Foxen (2015-present)

The show was moved to Orólanó and replaced Lion with a new and younger host. Jim Foxen is a very funny comedian and is the current host.

Recurring Sketches

  • Sodor's World
  • If TV Shows were Real
  • Random Person of the Day
  • Club What the Heck?
  • OH MY!
  • That's So Funny
  • The Mr. Fry Show
  • Danny Liars Neighbourhood
  • Best of TLS
  • Will Lenerd's Family Friendly Sketch (seriously)
  • Random Montage
  • TLS News
  • Night of the Living *BLEEP*
  • Adults Do The Most Boring Things

Notable Guests

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