[Peppa, George, Tobias, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig arrive at the local shops, only to find out that there are so many crowds]

Daddy Pig: Look at all the crowds! We'll have to go somewhere else!

Tobias: How about the mall?

Daddy Pig: Good idea, Tobias. We're off to the mall! *starts the car up*

Peppa: What's a mall?

Mummy Pig: A mall is like the local shops, only bigger and you enter the shops from inside the building.

Peppa: Wow! I can't wait to go there!

Tobias: You're gonna love it, little sis. It's where me and the other kids like to meet up after school and go shopping for cool stuff.

Peppa: It sounds interesting!

George: Are there dine-saws at mall?

Tobias: Well, there are probably some toy dinosaurs at Toys "4" Kids.

Peppa: What else can you get at this Toys "4" Kids place at the mall? Can you get dolls?

Tobias: At Toys "4" Kids, you can get almost any toy you want!

Daddy Pig: We're here! *parks the car outside the mall*

[He, Mummy Pig, Tobias, Peppa and George all get out]

Mummy Pig: First, we need to buy the groceries.

Tobias: I know where the supermarket is! You see that place called Darcey's over there?

Mummy Pig: Yes?

Tobias: Well, that's the supermarket!

[They all go into Darcey's]

Mummy Pig: *gets a trolley and goes to the fruit and veg aisle* So, we'll need some apples... *puts some apples in the trolley* ...some oranges... *puts some oranges into the trolley* ...some bananas... *puts some bananas into the trolley* ...and some pears. *puts some pears into the trolley* Next, the bakery aisle!

[The Pigs go to the bakery aisle]

Daddy Pig: Who can get the bread?

Peppa: I will!

Mummy Pig: Anyway, to the cereal aisle!

[The Pigs go to the cereal aisle]

Peppa and George: Corn Flakes! Corn Flakes!

Mummy Pig: And here they are — Kell-hog's Corn Flakes! *puts a package of Corn Flakes into the trolley* Now, we'll go to the meat aisle.

Tobias: *gets some Choco Bangs*

Mummy Pig: We're not getting Choco Bangs, Tobias.

Tobias: But there's a free Ninja Pigs trading card!

Mummy Pig: Tobias?

Tobias: I understand.

[The Pigs go to the meat aisle]

Mummy Pig: And here's some beef. *puts some beef into the trolley*

[The Pigs go to the checkout]


Mummy Pig: Now, we need to find the department store so that me and your dad can get our new clothes for the fancy party tonight.

Tobias: You see that Ocler place? That's the department store.

[The Pigs go to Ocler and meet a worker there]

Mummy Pig: Excuse me, miss, but where are the fancy clothes?

Worker: Upstairs. The lift's over there.

Mummy Pig: Thank you.

Worker: My pleasure.

[The Pigs go to the lift]

Mummy Pig: *presses the button* Here it is.

[They get in]

Mummy Pig: *finds a pink dress and pink hat* This would look nice!

Daddy Pig: *finds a black shirt and a top hat* This would look rather good!

[Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig go into the changing room, try on their new outfits, come out in their normal outfits and buy the new outfits]

Mummy Pig: Now, let's go to The Teacup Pig for dinner!

Daddy Pig: Excellent idea, Pam!

At The Teacup Pig....

Cashier: Welcome to the Teacup Pig. What will you be having?

At Toys "4" Kids....

George: *takes a toy dinosaur off the shelf* Dine-saw!! Rrrrr!

Tobias: *takes an action figure off the shelf* YES!! The new action figure that I saw on the commercial!! YES!!

Peppa: *takes a princess doll off the shelf* A pretty princess doll! I shall call her Royal Ruth!

Tobias: *buys the action figure, the toy dinosaur and Royal Ruth*

Cashier: *puts the toys in a bag*

[Tobias, Peppa and George go back to The Tea Team]

Waiter: Here's your dinner. *gives the Pigs their dinner*

[The Pigs eat their dinner and start driving home]

Daddy Pig: Look! There are no more crowds at the local shops!

Mummy Pig: Percy, we've done all the shopping. We don't need to go to the local shops.

Peppa: I like the local shops, but when they're crowded, we can always go to the mall!


  • Penny Pony was seen in one of the crowds at the local shops.

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