Emily's manor as it appears


Madame Gazelle: Children, tell us where you live.

Peppa: A house on a hill.

George: House on hill!

Danny: A house on a hill like Peppa does.

Pedro: A house on a hill like they do.

Emily: An extremely huge manor with a pool, a flower garden and lots more! Erm, everyone? Well, you are quite low class and this time you're refusing to talk.

Lisa: Yeah!

Brianna (the bear, not the human): You're REALLY refusing to talk!

Lisa: You won't even say 'biscuit' or 'no'. BABIES say those words!

Brianna: Yeah! Babies!


Madame Gazelle: So, who's going to the sleepover with Emily?

Lisa: Me!

Brianna: Even more!

Peppa: Definitely not me. Come on, gang. Let's get a glimpse of this sleepover and put some pranks into it!

Pedro: But Peppa, Emily IS mean and she DOES spread a lot of germs, but let's not do this. Can't I draw pictures or do housework for dad instead?

Peppa: I'm not listening to someone as dopey and nerdy as you, PEDRO.

Suzy: I know! We go right at the park, left at the pizza place, right at the mall and we'll be there! Although I'm hungry and could use a pinch of pizza!

Peppa: Suzy Sheep, my best friend! Now I'll take advice from her! Although we don't really need pizza. We're having our meeting here.

Suzy: Oh yeah.

Danny: Peppa, Pedro's right. We shouldn't do this! Besides, I'm Emily's boyfriend!

Peppa: AND MINE! Now, let's just go!

Suzy: Pedro shouldn't come. He might be allergic to one of the flowers!

Pedro: Why do I have so many allergies?

Danny: Can I stay here too?

Suzy: You don't have allergies. You're fine to come.

Peppa: LET'S JUST GO!!!! *walks her gang to Emily's manor*

Peppa: There are the African lions guarding the place! Let's dig a tunnel!

Pedro: If we're even going to do this, let's just watch from this hole in the fence!

Peppa: Pedro, you're a genius! We can!

Emily: Lisa, Brianna, Peppa Pig and her gang aren't only low class, they also puddle jump. In muddy ones.

Lisa: That's gross!

Brianna: That's VERY gross!

Emily: And they still watch The Mr. Potato Show! I hate that show, and when Madame Gazelle made me draw a picture to be shown on the show all I could do was a simple pea to get it over with quickly!

Lisa: Did you say Peppa watches The Mr. Potato Show? That's so babyish!

Brianna: It's more babyish than Lisa thinks!

Peppa: Gang, let's get away from these girls. They're just criticising us!

Suzy: You're right. Now, like I said earlier, let's get some pizza!

Peppa: We should get some! I didn't mean to disagree earlier! So, let's go, you three!

Pedro: I'm likely to be allergic to it!

Peppa: Okay, stay there! *walks Suzy and Danny to the pizza shop*

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