Peppa's castle


Emily: *climbs into Peppa's gang's treehouse* Hey Peppa! There's a time machine behind the playgroup!

Peppa: Awesome! Gang, let's go see it!

[Peppa and her gang leave the treehouse]

Peppa: GGAAAAAAHHHH! It's not there!

Emily: I knew you'd fall for it!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Emily: Heh heh heh heh ha ha ha! Now, Lisa, Brianna, let's go see that African-style market they're holding at the playground! *walks Lisa and Brianna to the African-style market*


Emily: PEPPA!! There's REALLY a time machine! Look!

Suzy: Peppa's not falling for it this... Oh wait! There is! *runs to it* It's probably an imitation! I'll just add this... ...and this... ...and this...and this... ...and this. There! Get in, everybody! I'll just get some Fruti Candy to take when I get my go! *runs somewhere that sells Fruti Candy, buys the Fruti Candy and comes back*

Peppa: Wow! I'll have the first go! *hops in and presses the button that takes her to the Middle Ages*

[the time machine takes her to the Middle Ages]

Peppa: Wow! I'm in the days of kings and queens! There are horseshoe makers, pie bakers, and lots more! There's even something I heard about in my bedtime story Priscilla the Pig Princess! An arena! *runs into arena* Wow! They're fighting a bear and surviving! Awesome! *sees castle on hill* I want to go there! *walks to castle and finds a sword stuck in a rock on the way* I'll have to pull that sword out of the stone! *pulls it out*

Medieval people: This young pig, 'tis our new queen! What is your name, young pig?

Peppa: Peppa Pig!

Medieval people: We will now crown you Queen Peppa! *crowns Peppa and leads her to the castle* Here is a dress for you with fleur-de-lises on it! *takes Peppa into castle* As you can see, the walls are also decorated with fleur-de-lises. Why don't you have some chocolate cake? *gives Peppa a slice of chocolate cake*

Peppa: Yummy! *eats chocolate cake piece*

Medieval people: You can now rule Peppaland!

Peppa: *sees puddle* I command... let me jump up and down in that muddy puddle outside! *goes downstairs and jumps into puddle* Oh no, a dragon's about to fly away with the time machine and burn it with his breath! *jumps into time machine and goes back to 21st Century* Phew! If that dragon flew the time machine away and burnt it with his breath, I'd still be stuck in the days of kings and queens!

Suzy: They're actually called the Middle Ages! We still have kings and queens today!

Pedro: Me next! I'll go to the early days of Spain and take Daddy with me!

Peppa: Well, whew, that tough Coach Pony will be back in time!

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