The Monty Pig Show has episodes that are banned in some countries, and most TV networks. Only Adult Swim airs these. The Playboy Channel airs the most sexually explicit of these.

Mouskedoer with an O

This episode was banned for two scenes: One where Monty tries to shoot Tyson with a minigun but keeps missing, then Tyson shoots Monty with the same minigun and almost gets him killed. There was also another violent scene which might not have contributed to the banning of this episode: when they start fist-fighting over the spelling of "Mouskedoeor".


Monty says the F-word and wreaks havoc on New Pig City. Of course Adult Swim airs this. Fox airs a censored version where a less severe swearword is said.

Season 3

Season 3's last 3 episodes were banned. Nobody airs these, however Montysoft posted YouTube links to these on social networking like they do all banned episodes at the time they're supposed to come out.

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