Please don't read


Peppa:It's Thanksgiving and I don't know what to do

Mummy Pig: (In Mr. Bull's Voice) Peppa, your adopted

Peppa:I known i'll go on Quantum of the Seas

(Peppa goes on the Quantum of the Seas)

Peppa: Oh yeah

Kristin Chenoweth: Welcome to Quantum of the Seas! I'm the ship's Godmothe-

(Kristin Chenoweth blows up)

Peppa: LOL

Suzy:Hello Peppa

Peppa:Hello Suzy

Suzy:Wanna watch TV


Gordy Rhinehart: Don't watch TV

(Quantum of the Seas blows up)

Peppa:Luckliy I cloned Quantum

(A dinasour with Daddy Pig's head appears)

DinoDaddy: Peppa you will pa-

(DinoDaddy explodes)

(Mr.  Potato appears)

Peppa: Hi Mr. Potato

Mr. Potato: Welcome to Potato Universe where the magic of veg-

(Mr. Potato gets eaten by Angela Anaconda)

Angela Anaconda:Peppa

Peppa:Suzy Run!!!

Suzy: Ok

Peppa: Before I die i'll explo-

(Peppa explodes)

(Peppa wakes up)

Peppa: Thank goodness it was all a dream

Mummy Pig:Peppa, your adopted

The End


  • Your adopted was used 2 times in this episode