"The Most Weirdest Episode Ever" is the 20th episode of Season 13 of Peppa Pig.


While Rebecca Rabbit's staying at Peppa's house with her brother Richard for the day, Mummy Pig refuses to wash the dishes, so she tells Daddy Pig that he needs to wash the dishes because she has a disease. Then, Daddy Pig goes to the kitchen and washes a dirty dish. He hears a Justin Beaver song, so after he's done washing the dish, he goes to the living room and sees Rebecca watching a Justin Beaver music video on the TV. Daddy Pig rages, so he turns off the TV, and permanently bans Rebecca from the house.

He goes upstairs to the bedroom, and tells Peppa Pig to watch her little brother George while he's out. Daddy Pig leaves the house, and they wait.

After 40 days and 40 nights, Daddy Pig comes home, goes upstairs to the bedroom, and informs Peppa and George that the "grand finale" of The Mr. Potato Show is on. They rush downstairs to the living room. Peppa turns on the TV and changes the channel. The channel is airing the "grand finale" of The Mr. Potato Show, which is Mr. Potato being cooked by Barry Burger. Suddenly, a food contamination warning comes on. When Mummy Pig hears the warning beep while she's in bed, she walks downstairs so she can hear what the warning's about to say.

The warning says that someone farted on Mountain Vinyl, which has poisoned the food plant, and the toxic fumes from the person's behind are making their way into the city, so the people of the city have to not eat anything at all and stay 13 kilometers away from Mountain Vinyl. Unfortunately, their house is 6 kilometers away from the mountain, so the Pig family evacuate the house.

The family go near Granny and Grandpa Pig's house's front door. Daddy Pig knocks on the door. Then, Grandpa Pig opens it. When Peppa says Grandpa Pig's name while she's about to inform him about the warning, he says that he isn't Grandpa Pig, but he is actually Domo. Suddenly, he transforms into Domo! Peppa and her family scream in fear, and they run away from him.

Domo suddenly dies and the Pig family are teleported to Shapely Park in eLemma and on the TV, Mr. Potato comes back as a fry, but is eaten by the recently humanized Lord Fry without any warning. Then, Max Headroom came on, which frightened Peppa and switched to a person in a Max Headroom mask and a French maid hitting Max on his buttocks with a fly swatter. Michael Myers, a former Pedo Pony cast member sees the masked person getting spanked on TV and vomits. 

Meanwhile, a washed up Justin Beaver visits the Lemmon Tower and finds the same person.