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Peppa and her friends learn about the Jackalope family in the playgroup. Later in the week, they talk about the unseen character Clio Cat.


Madame Gazelle: We are going to learn about a well-known family! Can you guess who they will be?

Emily Elephant: The Elephant familj? That's Swedish for "family".

Madame Gazelle: No, Emily.

Pedro Pony: The Jackalope family!

Madame Gazelle: Correct! They are an ancient family and have existed since 21 BC! As of 1994, they have so much money that I can't explain the total!

Peppa Pig: I need to go to the bathroom! [goes to the bathroom then enters the toddlers' classroom] Hello, George!

Miss Lion: This classroom is for ages 3-5. Go to Classroom 3, which is for ages 5-8.

Peppa: OK, but I wanted to see George!

Miss Lion: We will be learning about dinosaurs and their different types.

George Pig: Ooh, dinosaurs! I love dinosaurs!

Madame Gazelle: The Jackalopes live in a seven-story manor with a set of gardens out the back. Their house was built in 1877. It became a popular wedding district in 2000. You will now do a sheet of paper which you fill in the blanks with words from the word bank at the bottom! You have fifteen minutes to finish your Jackalope family sh**!

Emily Elephant: Why did you use hädelser? That's Swedish for "profanity".

Madame Gazelle: Because you are annoying motherf#%+ers that I have to teach every day! [spanks the entire class with a screwdriver]

Principal: [on the loudspeaker] Oh! (x10) Come to my office right now!

Madame Gazelle: [shrinking] I can't believe waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Principal: [takes Madame Gazelle to the Peppatown pool] Swim 50 or more laps!

[back at the playgroup]

Principal: You will be looked after by Miss Lion.

Everyone: [enters the toddlers' room]

Miss Lion: We're going to have a PE lesson! Do you have your PE gear?

Madame Gazelle's class: Yes.

Everyone: [changes into their PE gear]

Miss Lion: Gym directions are down the stairs, through the hall, up the stairs, through the hall, and then you are at the gym! [leaves]

[cuts to the class at the Leah Killbird AbDn Centre]

Rebecca Rabbit: [gets electrocuted and dies]

AbDn boy: Ooooooooooo. Tetetetetetetetetete. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Madame Gazelle: [throws glass at the AbDn boy's feet]

AbDn boy: [dies]

Madame Gazelle: These annoying AbDn nonverbal freaks deserve to die.

Tim Tiger: Our students must be killed.

Madame Gazelle: I agree.

Tim Tiger: Holy crap. *steps on glass*

[Meanwhile in hell]

Demon AbDn boy: (biting Michael Jackson) Ooooooooooo. Tetetetetetetetetete. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Satan: Oh hell no. *resurrects the AbDn boy*

[cuts back to the Leah Kilbird AbDn Center]

Mr. Jakbunni: So class tonight for homework is sleep in toxic waste overnight. If you don't do it, I'll spank you with a screwdriver.

Everyone in Mr. Jakbunni's class: Okay, we will.

[The next day everyone in Mr. Jakbunni's class are deformed, rejected, freak show mutants]

Madame Gazelle: Who wants to get shocked first?

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