Narrator: Today, Peppa is at playgroup.

Everyone (running around): AAAAAAAAAAHHH! IT'S THE VOICE!

Peppa: I told it to leave years ago!

Narrator: Oh dear. Something seems to be scaring Peppa and her friends.

Zoe: We could stumble into the person making it any moment!

Madame Gazelle: Everyone, evacuate!

[They evacuate]

Narrator: Peppa and her friends are evacuating, but there's nothing there!

Peppa: There is too something there! You!

Narrator: Me? I'm just narrating for the children watching your show!

Peppa: A show? Well well well, Emma-Poo!

Emily (sarcasm): You must be so lucky, everyone watching you every breath, blink and twitch for an unknown and varying time each day, being filmed by hidden cameras or somehow no cameras at all.

Peppa: You're making it sound creepy!

Freddy: I'll sniff you out! *starts sniffing*

Narrator: Well, you see, Freddy, I'm not in this universe. I'm narrating for children who watch you as a cartoon in my homeworld.

Madame Gazelle: Children! Don't talk to it!

Peppa: *wakes up* Phew.

Narrator: Peppa has just woken up from a very scary dream.


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