Emily Elephant: Ahh... this is the maisha. That's Swahili for "life".

Lisa Fox: I agree.

Brianna Bear: Even more.

Elizabeth Pig: And also more.

Ryann Rabbit: Me too.

[A bulldozer demolishes Emily's manor]

Emily: What?

Mummy Elephant: The manor got demolished.

Emily Elephant: Will I ever have a new manor?

Mummy Elephant: No, but an Estate.

Emily Elephant: Mummy, what's an estate?

Mummy Elephant: A fancy house.

Emily Elephant: Is it big as a manor?

Mummy Elephant: Not quite. It has 6-floors execpt the newly added attic and it was the mansion originally owned by the Cocker Spaniels and was the original one too in the 1400s. It used to be the largest mansion ever when it was built.

Emily Elephant: Will it get renovated?

Mummy Elephant: Yes, every old house needs a makeover.

Emily Elephant: How did you buy that house so fast?

Mummy Elephant: I bought it 3 weeks ago after I had a feeling that the manor will get demolished.

Emily Elephant: Where will we live while it's getting renovated?

Mummy Elephant: I think we will rent a hotel or let you stay at a friends house? You became friends with Peppa again right?

Emily Elephant: Yes, I did

France Tiger: Do you want a free hotel? Palatial International will give you a free hotel. If you want my father renovate the estate.

Mummy Elephant: Deal.

Emily Elephant: Aren't you that new kid that Edmond told me you were smart, cute, funny, and rich.

France Tiger: Yes.

[switches to Peppa's house, Mrs. Elephant is driving Emily, Lisa, Edna, Brianna, Ryann and Elizabeth to the house in her car]

Peppa Pig: Emily, why are you here?

Emily Elephant: My manor got demolished.

Peppa Pig: Oh.

Mummy Pig: Can Edmond and Emily sleep with Peppa and George?

Mummy Elephant: Sure.

[Switches to Paris "Cocker" Spainel]

Paris "Cocker" Spaniel: Glad I got a new limo today. That low class Emily deserved her manor getting demolished with other buildings, including the ugly one.

[Switches back to Peppa's house]

Mummy Pig: [talking to Peppa, George, Emily, and Edmond] It's raining, come inside.

All: Okay!

[They all go inside]

Emily: What are we doing inside and where will I sleep?

Mummy Pig: You and Edmond will sleep in the master bedroom.

Emily: But there is no master bedroom.

Mummy Pig: It's a secret room for guests.

Emily: Cool

Write the rest, 2005EvimothCity.


  • The Cocker Spaniels, the family that demolished Emily's Manor and 10 other houses, are the richest family in the Peppaverse and will have the biggest manor too.
  • This is the first episode to happen after Emily's Attack.