Peppa Pig: Why are their two RVs?

Daddy Pig: Because we just bought them

Mummy Pig: One is a 1985 Cheverlot Fleetwood Jamboore RV

Daddy Pig: And the other is a 1940s bluish-greenish RV

Emily Elephant: Ha!! You call that an RV!! My family used to own those

Peppa Pig: Well why are you saying that to us

Emily Elephant: Because my family bought a newly-built RV

Mummy Pig: Well the one from the 1940s just got renovated

Emily Elephant: 1940s? Ha! Those vans are rubbish!

Peppa Pig: Well, check out our 1999 RV!

Mummy Pig: It's a 1985 RV not a 1999 RV! 

Daddy Pig: You guys chat, i'll go find George! 

Emond Elephant: It says it is a 1993 RV, you were both incorrect, 

Daddy Pig: Oh

Edmond: Just kdding it's 1985

Emily Elephant: Well my RV is better


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