Daddy Pig: I'm cleaning out Granny and Grandpa Pig's attic.

Granny Pig: You can have whatever you see.

Daddy Pig: Okay. *finds a Smart TV* What's this?

Grandpa Pig: An old Pony Smart TV from 1994, it's rare.

Daddy Pig: Can I have it?

Grandpa Pig: Sure.

Daddy Pig: I'll put it in Peppa and George's room and put a PIN on the non-children's shows.

[Cuts to Daddy Pig parking outside his and Mummy Pig's house]

Peppa Pig: Daddy! Daddy!

Daddy Pig: I got a Pony Smart TV from 1994 in Granny and Grandpa Pig's attic.

Peppa Pig: That's good Daddy.

Daddy Pig: It has On Demand.

Cherie Pig: You're abusing me, pay your own bills.

Daddy Pig: No, I'm not abusing you.

Cherie Pig: Yes, you are!

Daddy Pig: Okay fine!

Cherie Pig: I have my own house.

[Cherie jumps down a manhole and is sent outside her house]

Cherie Pig: Good.

Write the rest, Mac+Cool and CreationBeTheWorld23.

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