I'm a pig and my name's Peppa

There's an elephant called Emily who thinks she can't be better

I really hate her, I give you my word

And there's also Pedro Pony, who is a total nerd

But he is actually good at art

And there's my best friend Suzy, who's hungry and smart

A lover of me is Danny Dog

He wants to take me out to get some grog

Pedro, Suzy, Danny, they're my gang

In the treehouse out we hang

But then we see Emily, Bri and Lisa Fox

I'd even rather have chicken pox

But don't go thinking my life's all bad

Except when Mum and Dad are mad

But Jase and Selmo, George and Tobias

I must say my family's really quite nias (nice)

We go on walks out outings

And sometimes fish for trout-ings

But when I get home, I know and can see

That my gang is nearby waiting for me

On the next day of playgroup, Madame G welcomes me back

And then I play with the train on the track