The Peppacracker is a parody of The Nutcracker Plot

Scene 1 Party Scene

In Germany (The UK) The Stahlbaum's (the pig's) are having a Christmas party on Christmas Eve There Children Clara (peppa) and Friz (george) they invite friends and family and all the children have a lot of fun after the party Mrs.Stahlbaum (mummy pig) tells Grandfather Drosselmeyer (grandpa pig) to come and give Clara and Friz both a toy so he does and gives Friz a toy horse and Clara a Nutcracker but, Friz wants the nutcracker so he tries to take it from Clara and brakes the arm off so Mr.Stahlbaum (daddy pig) puts him in time out meanwhile Clara quickly fixes her broken nutcracker soonly it is time for bed Friz goes to his room but, Clara falls asleep on the couch and is cared off to bed

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