at the red house,

Evolvedmoth: Mr. President there is someone here to see you outside

Darren121: decirle que estaré allí en diez minutos

Evolvedmoth: what

Darren121: tell him I'll be there in ten minutes jeez


Pig.01's ghost: if you don't subscribe to my YouTube channel you will be killed

Darren121: by who

Pig.01's ghost: by space peppa

Darren121: dude she is dead

Pig.01's ghost: then I'll kill you

Darren121: what is the name of your youtube channel

Pig.01's ghost: EthGoesBOOM

Darren121: no it isn't

Pig.01's ghost: uuuuuummmm.... (goes and makes a channel) it is called Pig>01

Darren121: (subscribes) you have 2,000,000,000,000 subscribers

Pig.01's ghost: (singing) Living the dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm ^_^, (talking) can I be your vice president

Darren121: Evolvedmoth already is. and you know you have 2 subscribers. right?

Pig.01's ghost: (singing) Not Living the Dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm.

Darren121: who is your other subscriber

Pig.01's ghost: (talking) アート豚

Darren121: oh, I got tooooooooooo, uuuummmmm.......... go watch Tonlad.

Trivia ^_^

  • The red house is a reference to the white house just the color of peppa's dress
  • to choose Tonald I googled "stupid names" and I stuck with Tonald

    The Red House