The 5 main Magipigs

This is the sequel to The Pig Bang 1 where Antipig turns against Enderpig.


EnderPig: Let's go teach the Magipigs our ways!

AntiPig: YEAH!!!

EnderPig: Hello fellow Magipigs!

Magipigs: [Cheering]

EnderPig: We are the first life forms... ever!

Magipigs: YAYYYYYY!!!!!

EnderPig: We must build a civilisation!

Magipigs: YES!!

AntiPig: Yep, first we want you to introduce yourselves to use, since we created you out of unawareness!

Magipigs: [Silence]

EnderPig: AntiPig shut up! You're ruining it!

AntiPig: Fine...

EnderPig: Good idea AntiPig! Introduce yourselves!

Magipig 1: Well, there are about a hundred of us so we'll introduce you to the significant ones. First, I am Cac+Mool!

Magipig 2: I am EvolvedPig!

Magipig 3: I am FinlayDoesPigtatoes!

Magipig 4: I am CreationBeTheWorld!

Magipig 5: And I am Osome Oli!

Cac+Mool: Us 5 control what happens around here, and we want to make this the best place EVER!

EvolvedPig: Right!

EnderPig: We will use magic to make the best place ever!

AntiPig: Can I...?

EnderPig: No! Antipig, you lead the other Magipigs to relocation while we make a new town!

AntiPig: ....Okay.....

EnderPig: Thanks, now leave so we can get started!

AntiPig: ......Fine.....

EnderPig: Comeon Magipigs! C+M, make the houses! EP, make the roads! FDP, make the grasslands! CBTW, make the ponds and OO, make the food and decoration!

Magipigs: Let's do this!

After a few hours they have a decent looking village!

=Meanwhile at relocation camp

AntiPig: ALRIGHT! Who thinks that EnderPig is being a dictator???


AntiPig: I mean come on, he doesn't even ask us to help, he and his snobby Magipig friends are just taking over.

[Chatter of slight agreement]

AntiPig: So what do you say we have a revolt? What do you say we go and teach EnderPig a lesson for leaving us out and treating us like a pile of garbage!

Magipigs: [Cheers of war]



To be continued


  • The Magipigs' names are based on users on this wiki.
  • The plot is similar to YuGui's story in Kung Fu Panda 3.

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