What the second Pig Bang looked like

This the third part of The Pig Bang.


It is 8:00PM

EnderPig: Alright Magipigs! That's enough work, let's go to sleep inside our new houses!

Magipigs: Okay!!!

[They go to sleep]

At relocation camp

AntiPig: Alight so this is how to use simple killing magic! [Unleashes a fiery ball]

The Magipigs imitate it and pretty soon they can all do it.

AntiPig: Okay let's go!!!

Back to Creation Village

EnderPig: I hear yelling and I can see a bright light!

Magipigs: Huh?

EnderPig: [Looks outside] Oh no!!!

EvolvedPig: What is it?

EnderPig: IT'S A REVOLT!!!! PREPARE!!!

FinlayDoesPigTatoes: Let's go!!!!!

Cac+Mool launches an energy ball at the crowd, but it bounces off.

EnderPig: Oh no! AntiPig taught them how to do this! We have no hope!

CreationBeTheWorld: No! We must keep attacking them [Launches many fireballs]

EnderPig: CreationBeTheWorld, get down!

CreationBeTheWorld: Please! Trust me! [Gets hit by a fire ball] [Dies]

Osome Oli: Nooooo!!!!

EnderPig: One of our Magipigs is down! To the safehouse!!!!

[Spinning Logo]

EnderPig: I'm sorry guys, but the only way to do this is by making the great sacrifice! Giving the pigs magic just has too much corruption! Me must sacrifice ourselves for a new universe!

EvolvedPig: I agree!

Cac+Mool: Yes!

FinlayDoesPigTatoes: Yay!


EnderPig: Okay, all of us must combine our magic which will tear this universe into 2, hopefully starting life again!

All of them open their magic rifts and put them together.

EnderPig: Brace yourselves! [Everything turns white]


EnderPig: Where am I? [Sees animals playing around]

EnderPig: This is magnificent! Not just pigs, but other animals! I will call this the Peppaverse for no reason whatsoever!


AntiPig: Woah, what on Earth happened? [Looks around]

AntiPig: Sweet my own universe! But what happened to the Magipigs?

MagiPigs: We're here you traitor?

AntiPig: Wha???

Magipigs: You said we could take back the house and you just led us to an empty universe!!!

AntiPig: That wasn't me...

MagiPigs: Prepare yourself!! [They all transform into members of Loomynarti Inc]

AntiPig: Eek! Giant cyclops triangles!!!

Magipigs: Time to die!

AntiPig: AHHHHH!!!!

The End


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