Madame Gazelle: *gives the kids brochures about the playgroup website for their parents* Home time! *rings bell*

[The parents arrive]

Peppa: Mum, mum! The playgroup has a new website! I want to make an account!

Mummy Pig: Okay. You can.

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Can we join, too?

Peppa: Yes, but on my account.

Suzy: Yes, some people do that.

Danny: That's an awesome idea.

Suzy: But don't let us know your password!

Peppa: I won't! And so that we can check the website out I'll ask whoever the person who's come to pick you up! Mummy Pony, can Pedro come to my house?

Mummy Pony: Of course! But don't feed him anything with nuts, sesame seeds, prawns, kiwi fruit or coconut in it.

Peppa: I won't! Mummy Sheep, can Suzy come to my house?

Mummy Sheep: Of course! You two are best friends!

Peppa: Great! And last but not least, Mummy Dog, can Danny come to my house?

Mummy Dog: Of course!

Peppa: Well, my whole gang coming to my house! Well, we do it often, but my gang comes for my treehouse.

Later, at the pig house.....

Peppa: Now, it's time I created an account to the playgroup website. *goes to the playgroup website and creates an account as 'Peppa4561'* Now where are those games? Hmmm.

Suzy: I think this isn't a kids' website, to be honest.

Peppa: But, anyway, let's check the top students! *clicks on 'Top Students' button* Awwr. It's Emily Elephant and her walky talky girls Lisa and Brianna. I knew this website was going to be bad. Grrr.

The next day at playgroup.... Madame Gazelle: Lunch time! *rings bell*

[The kids go to the cafeteria to get their food and go outside]

Peppa: *gets onto swing and sadly sits there* Awwr.

Pedro: *turns up* What's wrong, Peppa?

Peppa: Wrong? The playgroup website's what's wrong! I expected there to be games and I had no idea Emily, Lisa and Brianna would be the top students!

Suzy: You may have been too young.

Later, after Madame Gazelle rang the bell.....

Madame Gazelle: Peppa, you look sad.

Peppa: The website was boring and don't have any games!

Madame Gazelle: Oh, Peppa. It was for the mummies and daddies, that website!

Emily: You really thought it was a kids' website? That is really bubu. That's Swahili for 'dumb'.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Madame Gazelle: Emily, we don't call one and other dumb or bubu in playgroup. *sends Emily to the thinking chair*

Emily: *goes go the thinking chair*

Madame Gazelle: Actually, there is a kids' website! How about we go onto it in the computer lab, kids?

Kids: Yeah!

Madame Gazelle: So, we'll all line up and go to the computer lab.

[The kids line up behind Madame Gazelle]

Madame Gazelle: *takes them to the computer lab*

[The kids go onto the kids' playgroup website]

Peppa: Wow! What should I play? Pedro's playing Paint a Picture and Suzy's playing Eat It Up Before the End and Danny's playing Virtual Soccer. What should I play? I know! Puddle Muddle! It's where you have to jump in all the puddles before the game ends. *starts playing Puddle Muddle* Well, that's all the puddles! *finishes playing Puddle Muddle*.

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