Emily answering the call


Mummy Pig: Peppa, George, tonight we are having dinner with the elephants. Lisa and Brianna will be there with Emily.

Peppa: Oh no. Bingo! *runs to phone and calls Emily*

Emily: Hello, this is Emily Elephant speaking.

Peppa: Hello, this is the prime minister. On this day of the year, all the clocks are an hour early.

Emily: Okay. I'll tell my parents.

Peppa: Bye, Elephant residence. *ends call*

Mummy Pig: It's time to leave!

At Emily's Manor....

Emily: (in pool) Sorry, Pig family, but the prime minister told us that the clocks are all an hour early. Go home and, as you leave, don't step on the flowers.

Daddy Pig: Is this true? Maybe someone did a prank call. Let's ask the prime minister....


Mummy Pig: Okay. *drives Peppa to playground*

Peppa: Phew.

Daddy Pig: Peppa, does this 'phew' mean YOU did the prank call?

Peppa: Yes, actually. I just really don't like Emily and HAD HAD HAD to get out of it.

Daddy Pig: Why didn't you just tell us?

Peppa: I thought you wouldn't believe me.

Mummy Pig: Why would we?

Peppa: Because she is mean to me and nice to the grown-ups.

Mummy Pig: I knew that all of the time, I am just not telling her.

Peppa: Oh!

Mummy Pig: (gets a giant slingshot)

(Peppa, George, Richard, Edmond, Suzy, Danny, and Mummy Pig flew all the way to Emily's house and destroys it)

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