Peppa: Oh, look. It's Emily and her walky talky girls, Brianna and Lisa, in their limo.

Suzy: Why don't we race them?

Peppa, Danny and Pedro: Yeah!

Suzy: But wait, we need to know where they're going first.

Danny: I can ask her! I'm her boyfriend! *rings up Emily*

Emily: (over phone) Hello, this is Emily Elephant speaking.

Danny: This is your boyfriend Danny Dog and I see you and your clique are on a limo ride. Where are you riding to?

Emily: (over phone) To my manor. So?

Peppa: Because we want to race you!

Emily: (over phone) That sounds like Peppa. Anyway, never mind that. Let's get racing! Bye!

Danny: Bye! (ends call)

[Peppa, Suzy and Danny get on their bikes, Pedro gets on his scooter and they start going]

Peppa: That's one quick limo! *speeds up her bike and then notices that Pedro, Danny and Suzy are in front of her* They're in front of me? Nerdy Pedro is slap bang in the lead? I GOTTA CATCH UP!!! Well, at least MY TEAM will win. Actually, no, since Emily's limo is in the lead.

Meanwhile, on the limo........

Emily: They're so slow!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Pedro: I know. Why don't we do this together?

Suzy: That's a surefire way to beat Emily!

Peppa: Okay. Let's all go really closely to each other.

[They get closer to each other and go really fast each]

Danny: Peppa, you're doing great pedalling from the back!

Peppa: Thanks!

Suzy: Pedro, you're doing a fine job scooting at the front! Oh, we're past Emily!

[The bikes and scooter arrive at Emily's Manor]

Emily: Awwr. They beat us.

Peppa: All thanks to teamwork!

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