The Ring Is A Scary Episode About Peppa Pig.

This Is A The Ring Parody Of Peppa Pig.

That Was Spookiest One Of All!


Peppa Pig: Time To Watch A Video Called The Ring.

(Close The VCR Player, Loading, And Play, And Fuzzy TV Screen)

Peppa Pig: Wait A Minute! What Is All The Screen Coming From? Are You Okay, TV?

(TV Screen Filled With Water And Falls The Water In The Floor)

Peppa Pig: What The---?

(Plays A The Ring Movie)

Peppa Pig: AHH!!

(Rachel Come Out The TV System)

Peppa Pig: AAAHHHHH!!!!!!! GET AWAY FOR ME!!!!!

(Peppa Pig Screams, Slams At The Door, Pant, Keep Stuffs And The Door, And Lock, Pant Pant Pant)

(Falls Snowflake Off The Chinney)


(Falls On Snowflake On Peppa's Nose)

Peppa Pig: Heeheehee! Dumb Snowflake. Being Freaky.

(Falls Rachel Off The Chinney)

Peppa Pig: AAHHH!!! STAY BACK!!!

(Peppa Walks Slowly, And Rachel Walks Slowly)

(Peppa Falls Off And Walks Slowly)

Peppa Pig: No. NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

George Pig: The Children Is On Now! Clear! CLEAR! Problem Team And Skip Peppa Pig!

Pedro Pony: GET THAT RACHEL!!!!!

Rachel: AHH!!!

Danny Dog: The Rachel Is In The Nest! Repeat, The Rachel Is In The Nest!

Danny Dog: Now Go Back To The TV, Will Ya?

(Rachel Go Back To The TV)

Peppa Pig: The Kids! You Saved Me! You Stop Rachel To Infecting With A Dead! (Sips) And This Hot Cocoa Is Really Tasty. (Sips) I Can't Believe Not Saying This But..... You Did All Of You Something Really For Once. Good Work, Kids!

George Pig: I've Got Something For You, Peppa Pig!

Peppa Pig: What?!? What Is It, George?

(Peppa Pig Opens A Card)

Peppa Pig: You're Welcome. Heart Andrew.

Peppa Pig: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End.

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