Narrator: It was 8'Olock in the morning, when Peppa sees that she was robbed.

Peppa: *wakes up* Why is everything is a mess? What is this old chocolate cake mix packet doing in my room? Why is there a word painted on my bedroom wall?

Mummy Pig: *comes in* Peppa, George, it appears we've been robbed.

Peppa: Who's Rob?

Mummy Pig: Rob's not a person. Rob just means 'steal'.

Peppa: I get it. And a word was painted on the wall. It's spelt G-R-A-F-F-I-T-I.

Mummy Pig: When they paint words on walls like that, it's called graffiti. Sometimes, like now, they actually paint the WORD graffiti on the wall.

Peppa: Oh. Can I have breakfast yet, Mummy?

Mummy Pig: Sorry, but our Corn Flakes were stolen.

[flashback to 3:21am]

Daddy Pig: *walks back inside and yawns*

Robber: *breaks the Living room glass window*

Daddy Pig: Thief!

Robber: *runs upstairs and writes GRAFFITI on Peppa and Georges Bedroom wall and stands there until Daddy Pig is in bed*


Robber: *throws the lamp across the room to the TV* Haha. *sprays 'JOKER' on the kitchen wall* and leaves and throws a crow bar at Peppa and George's wall.

[flashback to normal]

Peppa: What can we do?

Mummy Pig: Call the police. *rings up police*

Officer Bernard Bear: (over phone) Hello. What is it?

Mummy Pig: Well, we've been robbed and there's graffiti on the wall in my children Peppa and George's room. We don't know who did it.

Peppa: *gets out of bed* Mummy! There are dirty footprints on the floor!

Mummy Pig: My daughter Peppa has just spotted dirty footprints on the floor. Do you think they belong to the criminal?

Officer Bernard Bear: (over phone) Yes. I'll use them to track him or her down. Bye! *ends call*

Mummy Pig: Peppa, I have some fantastic news. The policeman is going to use the dirty footprints to track down the criminal.

Peppa: Oh, goody!

Officer Bernard Bear: *comes in* Hmm. Footprints, like you said, madame. I'll follow them. *follows criminal's footprints*

Mummy Pig: Peppa, look! The policeman's taking the criminal to jail.

[Officer Bernard Bear is seen driving his police car past with the criminal locked up in the back]

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