(The Mr Potato Show ends and Angela Anaconda comes on)

Angela: (from TV, singing) My name is Angela, hey ho! Welcome to my very own show! I'll introduce you to my friends!...

Peppa: HOLY MUDDY PUDDLES!!!!!! The animation is so scary!

Maddy: Is that ANGELA ANACONDA on in there? I haven't seen that show since '99!

Peppa: Maddy, never mind that! It looks creepy! But the boy in the blue vest is sweet. And he draws well.

Maddy: Is that Gordy Rhinehart? He wore a blue sweater vest, he drew well and was very, very sweet! Although, I must say he's a bit of a nerd.

Peppa: What's a nerd?

Maddy: Someone who's not very cool.

George: Show scary! *cries*

Peppa: Boy, this is creepy! My heart's beating! And, because the French girl's all mean, my pen pal Delphine would hate this! *shrieks in fear*

Mummy Pig: What's all this commotion about?

George: Telly! Creepy show airing!

Mummy Pig: That looks like Angela Anaconda! Maddy watched that when I looked after her! Ah, the memories! Why are they airing it again?

Peppa: *runs outside*

George: *runs upstairs*

Mummy Pig: Errr, Peppa? George?


  • The French girl who was 'all mean' was Nanette Manoir.