Peppa Pig: DOOOOOOOOO IT! [insults Emily]

Emily Elephant: [crying] Jag har inga vänner. Lisa och Brianna lämnade mitt gäng. (I have no friends. Lisa and Brianna left my gang.)

Peppa: We'll go somewhere where you can wish for friends.

Emily: Verkligen? (Really?)

Peppa: Självklart! Jag skulle aldrig ljuga! (Of course! I would never lie!)

Britney Bear: Peppa and Emily, hop in!

Peppa: Unknown status 506, PT2 .elf files

[The audio distorts]

Britney: Where do you want to go? [vomits all over the bonnet of the car]

Peppa: House 2700 in San Bearcisco. [puts her arm behind her back and lifts a bouquet of roses with the thorns pruned]

[The audio goes back to normal as Britney Bear drives her car]

Brianna Bear: [sings Sweet You by The Rocking Gazelles] Can you please turn on the radio?

Britney: Sure! [puts a Parental Advisory top and skirt on]

Narrator: Five hours later, Peppa and Emily have arrived at house 2700.

Emily: [throws a coin in] Jag önskar- (I wish for-)

Peppa: You have to wish in English! I'll wish for you! I wish for friends and the ability to speak English for Emily Elephant!

[Everyone from the playgroup appears]

Emily: It's been my dream to be able to speak in English like you! I wish for my parents to speak English!

Mrs and Dr. Elephant: Emily! Come here!

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