Here's Percy


Daddy Pig goes crazy on a trip.


Peppa: We're finally going on a trip! I can't wait to have some fun in the snow!

[3 minutes later...]

Daddy: We're here!

[Everyone unpacks]

George: I want to play in the snow!

Daddy: Go on!

[George goes outside]

Manager: Hello!

George: Hi!

Manager: I sense you have the shining pork!

George: I shine?

Manager: No! You have physic powers!

[Later that night...]

Daddy: What's that? At that bar. [walks to the bar]

Ghost Bartender: You need to do something about your family. You need to get revenge on them for calling your pure muscle tummy fat!

Daddy: Kill them?!

Ghost Bartender: Yep! You might not want to now, but trust me, you'll want to in these conditions. [fades out]

[The next day...]

Peppa: George, tell them!

George: Okay. Family! I had a nightmare! Daddy tried to kill us in it!

Mummy: What a dream! You poor little piggy!

Daddy: I'd say it was pure nonsense! [thinking] How would he know about the ghost? Is it a prophecy? Am I going to kill them?! [out loud] Yep! Definitely nonsense!

[Two weeks later...]

Daddy: It isn't nonsense. I am going mad. I need to kill!

Mummy: Are you okay Percy?

Daddy: You must die.

Mummy: Kids! This way!

[The kids run to Mummy]

Mummy: Percy! What's happening?

Daddy: A little bartender said this would happened! And apparently they don't drink their drinks!

Mummy: I'm leaving with the kids! I don't think we can live together!

Daddy: You and the kids can be in the afterlife!

Mummy: Oh my God!!! [runs to staircase]

Daddy: Come on! Don't be shy!

[Mummy whacks Daddy in the head with a piece of a loose stair step]m

Daddy: [faints]

[Mummy then locks him in the closet]

Daddy: [wakes up] Huh? Where am i?

Ghost Bartender: [opens door] Go and finish them! (hands Daddy an axe)

Daddy: Thank you! [runs off]

Peppa: It's Daddy!

Mummy: Oh my word! Kids! Come on!

[Mummy, George, and Peppa run into a bathroom]

Mummy: [locks the door]

[Daddy is walking up the stairs and to the door]

George: Here's my chance to use Shining Pork. [signals the manager with Shining Pork]

Manager: [wakes up] The boy be in trouble! [runs outside to plough]

Daddy: [hacks hole in the door]

Mummy: (gets knife from cabinet)

Daddy: [puts head in hole] Here's PERCY!!!!!

[Peppa and George climb out the window with Mummy]

Daddy: [hacks down door] gone out have you? [climbs out window as well]

Mummy: Come on kids! [runs through maze with children]

Daddy: [pursues them]

[Mummy and the kids are pursued by Daddy until George trick Daddy into walking into a police car]

Police Guy: Killing your family, are you?

Daddy: Oh dear!

Mummy: A snow plough!

Manager: I came as soon as I sensed you call for help!

[Mummy, George, and Peppa get on the plough and brought to the car. They clean it up, and leave for home. Daddy, on the other hand, in Peppatown Prison for life]



  • This was a story made for fun and none of the events really happened. That means they are still a happy family, George has no Shining Pork powers, and the trip never happened.
  • The whole episode is a parody of the book The Shining as well as the 1980 film.

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