The silver girls are a gang of old ladies. They like having tea parties, and talking about old lady stuff.

Granny Pig (birth name Bonnie Pig) is the oldest person in the group, at 74 years old. She has pale purple skin, and wears a dress of a darker purple with black shoes, and sometimes wears a hat. Bonnie is the granny of Peppa Pig and George Pig.

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Mary Pig is 72 years old. She has pale purple skin, and wears a dress of green, white and orange with black shoes. Mary is not refered as Granny or Grandma by anybody (except for George, who calls her Grandma Pig)

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Granny Dog (birth name Daphne Dog) is 68 years old. She has dark greyish brown skin, and wears a teal dress with black shoes. Daphne is the granny of Danny Dog and Darla Dog. She originally wore a pale green dress, but in CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom it was recoloured teal.

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Grandma Sheep (birth name Sofia Sheep) is the youngest person in the group, at 60 years old. Very little is known about her, except that she has white skin, and wears an orange dress with a white ribbon tied in a bow at the back with black shoes. Sofia is the granny of Suzy Sheep, Spencer Sheep and Sammy Sheep.