Mummy Pig: *drops Peppa and George off at Granny Pig's house for a sleepover and drives away* Bye, my little piggies!

Peppa: Bye, Mum!

[Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig come out]

Peppa: Granny Pig! Grandpa Pig!

George: Granky 'ig! Papa 'ig!

Grandpa Pig: Hello, Peppa, George. *snorts*

Granny Pig: Would you like to play with Mummy Pig's old toys?

Peppa: Yes, please!

George: *snorts*

[They go inside]

Granny Pig: This is Jayden the Goat, Pam's favourite toy from the olden days.

Peppa: Who's Pam?

Granny Pig: That's your mummy's real name!

Peppa: Wow! Can I play with Jayden the Goat?

Granny Pig: Of course! *gives Peppa Jayden the Goat*

Peppa: (as Jayden the Goat) I'm Jayden the Goat! Baa!

George: (as Mr. Dinosaur) Dine-saw! Grrrr!

Peppa: (as Jayden the Goat) AAARGH!!!

George: *chases Peppa*

Peppa: *runs away*

Granny Pig: *laughs* Now, who wants to feed Polly Parrot?

Peppa: Me! Me! Me!

Granny Pig: Okay, Peppa. Now, here are some crackers for you to give to Polly. *gives Peppa crackers* And when you give them to her, say 'Polly want a cracker?'

Peppa: Okay, Granny! *brings the crackers to Polly* Polly want a cracker?

Polly: Aark! Polly want a cracker?

Peppa: *gives Polly the crackers*

Polly: *eats the crackers*

[The sun goes down]

Granny Pig: *gives Peppa and George plates of Smiley Chips each* Here's your dinner!

Peppa: Hey look! Those chips are shaped like smiley faces!

George: *giggles*

[Peppa and George eat their Smiley Chips each]

Peppa: They were great!

George: *snorts*

Granny Pig: Now it's bedtime!

[Peppa and George to their bedtime routines and get into bed]

On the morning.....

Grandpa Pig: Granny Pig has made some lovely porridge for breakfast. Would you two like some?

Peppa: But we usually eat Corn Flakes.

George: *snorts*

Grandpa Pig: Well, just try it.

Peppa: Okay!

[She and George go into the kitchen and eat their porridge]

Peppa: I've never tried porridge before, but I like it!

George: *snorts*

Granny Pig: Very good, because I made it just for you!

Mummy Pig: Mum, I'm here to collect the kids.

Granny Pig: Ah, good, Pam.

Mummy Pig: Did you two learn anything new?

Peppa: Yes. I learned that you used to play with a toy goat called Jayden. Granny Pig let me play with him.

George: And dine-saw chase Jayden!

Mummy Pig: Oh, that's right, Jayden the Goat. I remember him. He was my favourite toy. Now, let's go home.

[She, Peppa and George drive home]

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