Peppa Pig has a sleepover at Suzy Sheep's house,. Later, when Peppa finds out that Pedro Pony got killed, she transforms into Freddy Fazbear.


Scary eyes Warning: The following page contains horror elements. If you are easily scared, stop reading this. We suggest you go to another page instead.

[The episode starts with Peppa in the car, and Mummy Pig driving]

Peppa Pig: [reading episode title off-screen] The Spooky Sleepover.

Narrator: It is nighttime, Peppa is going to a sleepover at Suzy Sheep's house.

[Cuts to Suzy's house, the car stops there and Suzy opens the door, as the camera zooms in]

Peppa Pig: Hello Suzy!

Suzy Sheep: Hello Peppa! Welcome to my sleepover!

Mummy Pig: I'll pick you up in the morning. Bye bye Peppa.

Peppa Pig: Bye! [Peppa comes inside Suzy's house with Suzy]

[Cuts inside Suzy's house. Mummy Sheep is there, and Peppa's gang with their toys and sleeping bags are laughing]

Narrator: Peppa's gang are already here, they have all of their toys.

Peppa Pig: Hello everyone!

Peppa's Gang: Hello Peppa!

Peppa Pig: I've bought my Teddy. [talks as Teddy] Hello everyone! [laughs as her friends laughs]

Suzy Sheep: I've bought my Owl! [talks as Owl as loud as possible] TWEET-TWOO!!!!

[everyone laughs]

[Peppa and her gang goes to another room, As Mrs. Sheep comes into the room]

Mummy Sheep: Don't stay up too late! [turns off lights]

Suzy Sheep: Good night, Mummy! [Mummy Sheep walks away and closes the door]

[Peppa and her gang open their sleeping bags.]

Narrator: Peppa and her friends are getting into their sleeping bags. [Peppa and her gang go into their sleeping bags.]

Suzy Sheep: Now, who knows a bedtime story?

Peppa: Me! I'll make up my own story. *ahem* There once was a dinosaur that can change into something different. Once, he turned into a cat. It went to the Queen's castle, and when it saw the Queen and the Queen saw the cat, it turns back into a dinosaur and it went — ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Everyone: Eeeek! Too scary! *giggles*

Suzy Sheep: I know a story! Once upon a time, there was a bear named Freddy. In every sleepover at midnight, he cuts the power. Then, he kills one person in the sleepover. and if you find out one person's dead, you'll turn into him!

Everyone: Eeeek! Too scary! *giggles*

Suzy Sheep: I think that's enough stories for today.

Peppa: Good night!

Everyone: Good night Peppa!

[They go to sleep, then it cuts to Freddy Fazbear cutting the power]

Peppa: What was that? Now I can't see a thing!

[A light-emitting star appears]

Peppa: Oh, now I can see!

[Pedro has disappeared]

Peppa Pig: Hmmm... where's Pedro? [walks to seek for Pedro] Pedro? Pedro, where are you!? Pedro! Pedro?! Where could that pony be? Wait... [cuts to Pedro, lying on the floor dead. blood behind him, eyes are closed.]

[Cuts back to Peppa]

Peppa Pig: NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! [starts transforming into Freddy Fazbear]

[Cuts to the sleepover]

Rebecca Rabbit: What should we do?

Emily Elephant: I know! let's have a midnight feast!

Rebecca Rabbit: Great idea!

Zoe Zebra: There's food in the kitchen.

Candy Cat: Where's Peppa and Pedro?

Freddy Fox: I don't know, but I'm sure we'll find them. follow me!

[Peppa's gang follows Freddy Fox, and going to the room where Pedro died]

Rebecca Rabbit: What's happening to Peppa?

Edmond Elephant: That story Suzy told us was actually real.

Narrator: Edmond Elephant is a clever clogs.

Freddy Fox: Uh, oh...

Peppa Pig: [finishes transforming]

Freddy Fox: Quick, run!

[Freddy Fox and Peppa's gang run away from Freddy Fazbear]

Freddy Fazbear: [chases Freddy Fox and everyone else while screeching]

Freddy Fox: what are we going to do

Suzy: I know

Emily: what...

Suzy: lets call Joe Fox


Freddy Fazbear: okay Emily is eaten now who's next


Zoe: (dies)


Rebecca: RUN.

Suzy: I know how to cure this. 1st make a ring of fire then call the fake Fazbears in then repeat after me

(they make the ring of fire and the Fake Fazbears are trapped inside)


Narrator: The En-

...: To be cont-