The Treasure Of Peppa Poster

The Promo

The Story


Captain Horse buries his treasure.

Part 1

Peppa Is In An Adventurous Mood For Some Reason, And Finds Some Adventure When Suzy Finds a Map That Leads To The Treasure Of Peppa.

Part 2

Peppa And Her Friends Must Conquer The Trench Of The Kraken To Get To Treasure Island. But Will Any One Stop The Kraken?

Part 3

Peppa And her crew Finally Arrive At Treasure Island. But What IS The Treasure Of Peppa Anyway?

Part 4

Everyone gets an even share of the treasure and hides a little extra bit somewhere.


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Peppa's Crew

Peppa Pig (captain)

Suzy Sheep (first mate)

Danny Dog (radar tracker)

Pedro Pony (look out)

Zoe Zebra (cook)

Rebbecca Rabbit (helmsman)


The Kraken

Proluge Characters

Captain Horse

Horse Pirates

Navy general

Deleted Characters

Cannibal Cheif

Cannibal Tribe