Peppa and her friends go to Paris, France.


Peppa:Mummy, I'm to Paris which is France by the way.

Mummy:Well that's great! So when are you going ?

Peppa:Tomorrow, I have to get up at 2:30 in the morning, the plane leaves at 6:10, I will be gone for 11 days.

Mummy: Will you take George with you ?

Peppa:Oh Fine.

Mummy:You should start to get ready now.

Peppa:Just to let you know, Chloe is going to Spain with her friends...

Mummy:Good for her.

Peppa:It's 5:00 now and I think I should get my things packed, talk with my friends on the phone, go to bed, you wake me up and then all that stuff.



Mummy :Wake up Peppa and George

Peppa:It's good I toke a load of Coca-Cola before I went to bed cause there is a load of caffeine in that stuff.

Mummy:It's time to get ready for your flight.

Peppa:I have to carry 2 suit cases, can't George carry his one ?

Mummy:George is to small.


Peppa:Can you drive us to the airport ?



Mummy:Bye Peppa and George


Peppa:OK George, this airport is kinda big, Hey there's are friends!

Suzy:Hi Peppa!


Everyone else:Hi

Peppa:Let's stick together

Suzy:OK, we are in Terminal 1, let's go to that luggage thingy

Miss Rabbit:Hi, Just put your luggage into that conveyer belt thingy

Peppa:OK Let's go up that moving staircase thingy

Suzy:OK, Now we have to go to that passport place

Miss Rabbit:Hi Again, just give me your passports

Everyone:(Gives passports to Miss Rabbit)

Miss Rabbit:You can take them back now.

Rebbeca:OK, we have to go to Gate A3, which is the to left.

Emily:Now we have to go to that final passport place.

Miss Rabbit:Hi Again, give me your passports, here is your flight tickets.

Peppa:I'm so excited!

Miss Rabbit:Here

Zoe:OK, lets go to that bridge thingy, that leads us to the plane.

Everyone:(walks to the plane entrance)

Peppa:I can't wait to be in France.

(plane takes off)

Suzy:Uh, can this flight just get over with ?


Peppa:Ugh! The heat in this place


Suzy:Thank God where out of that oven airport!

Peppa:Where In France now!


Rebbeca:This is a great hotel!

Peppa:I know!

Everyone:(Falls on floor and laughs)

Narrator:Rebecca loves the French hotel, everyone loves the French Hotel


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