Emily Elephant is peacefully sleeping in her bedroom, until Emily's Chef arrives to wake him up, surprising her in the process. After Emily's Chef quiets her down, he brings her to a secret room, where a large wooden pizza stands (Emily Elephant does not realize that this is a trick). Emily Elephant is impressed, but Emily's Chef quickly shoves him inside the pizza and traps him in there. Emily's Chef pushes the pizza all the way to the Peppa's house.

After sunrise, Peppa and George notice the wooden pizza at their toybox and are confused.Emily laughs out loud, then spots Peppa near her. She turns around and continues to laugh. Peppa and George are unamused.

Meanwhile, a guard is sleeping near a gate. He hears a knock and is shocked by the large pizza. He sees a banner Peppa, George, and a heart on it. He realizes that it represents Peppa and George's ownership. The guard gathers hundreds of members of Emily's manor to have a party with the large pizza. Emily Elephant hears the cheering and laughing, so she decides to laugh herself, until she feels burning. The burning comes from the members attempting to heat up the pizza. Emily's chef walks by the scene and is shocked until he realizes that he could become the new leader of Emily's clique. So, he walks up the stairs all the way to Emily's room, laughing evilly. Inside the pizza, Emily Elephant feels very overheated. Luckily, the pizza explodes and he flies back to her room, where Emily's chef removes his chef hat, and puts on the crown (it represents the leader of the clique). He laughs evilly again, but Emily lands on him and the crown lands on top of Emily Elephant. Emily's chef can barely breathe under Emily's fat body. In the credits, Emily laughing can be heard.

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