The UFO is a new and upcoming Peppa Pig episode of a new series. It is coming late 2019.


Peppa and her friends have discovered a UFO with Grampy Rabbit outside their house and have came in for a ride.


One day, Peppa and her friends are talking about a UFO about to arrive here, then they heard a weird noise coming outside. When they come outside to see what they heard, they saw a flying saucer called a UFO. The gate from the saucer came open and saw Grampy Rabbit. The saucer is piloted by Grampy Rabbit. They went inside when Grampy Rabbit tells to go inside the saucer after asking him. Then they took off, zooming around town.

After Grampy Rabbit piloted the saucer after Daddy Pig asks him, Daddy Pig has his turn piloting the saucer. Then Peppa asks Daddy Pig to pilot the saucer, Peppa is now piloting the saucer, laughing and giggling, meaning that she loves to pilot the saucer.

They also landed and went into a toy shop ran by Miss Rabbit. George would like to get a new toy saucer in the stop. Grampy Rabbit, Peppa, and her friends said that there is a toy saucer in the shop that George would like, so her friends come to buy it. George loves his new toy saucer.

Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Candy Cat, Pedro Pony, and Emily Elephant came in for a ride in the saucer. They also like riding in the saucer.