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Will Peppa save the world from Weegee?!


Peppa is on the ground.

Peppa: (wakes up) Huh? Where am I?

George: You attacked Weegee. When your Sword touched his fist, well, let's just say-

Littlebat10: You've doomed us all.

Peppa: What?

George: You me and Littlebat need to stop Weegee from destroying the Peppaverse.

Peppa: Ok! (gets up) Let's go!

They set off.

Littlebat10: Fakegees! Attack!

Fakegee: What the?!

Littlebat10: (whips out Cobalt Sword and stabs)

Charged Fakegee: You are a loser!

Littlebat10: What did you say?! (charges)

Peppa: Run!

Littlebat10: I've got him! Go! Run like your lives depend on it! Cause they do!

Peppa and George run off as fast as they can.

Daddy: (climbs out of rubble) Ugh! My head.

Peppa: Daddy!

Daddy: Amanda! She's down there! Mummy's down there!

Peppa: We need to help her! (climbs down there)

Daddy: Peppa! No!

Peppa: Someone has to help! And that person is me. (climbs down in more) Wow. Lots of gems.

Mummy: Ow. Peppa? Help.

Peppa: (carrys Mummy up by using crystal as strecher)

Littlebat10: It's, Weegee!

Weegee: Hello! (floats down) YOU MUST BE DESTROYED!!!!

Peppa: Not today! Today we stand! George, Littlebat10, Parents, today we will defeat this monster!

Weegee: And how will you do that?

Peppa: (walks up with sword)

Weegee: It takes more than a piece of crap bacon head to defeat me!

Peppa: (slices Weegee's left hand off)

Weegee: No!!! Not my hand! (hand regenerates)

Peppa: (swings sword)

They fight until Weegee has Peppa on the edge of a cliff.

Weegee: This is the end foolish pig. Last words???

Peppa: Yeah. Get some eyes behind you.

Littlebat10: (stabs Weegee in the chest)

Weegee: (goes into God mode) Raaaa! (fire balls form in hand)

Peppa and Weegee are jumping at each other in slow motion.

Peppa: For the QUEEN!!!

Weegee is knocked backwords by Peppa's sword and off the cliff.

Weegee: You haven't seen the last of meeeeeeee!!!!! (dies and vaporizes)

Peppa: It's over. It's done. This world may be on fire, but if it takes my life, if it's the last thing I do, I swear, I will fix this town.

A month later...

Peppa: I've fixed the town!

Mayor Lion: I proudly represent, the Statue of Peppa. Let you not be named after this universe you've saved, but vise versa. This statue is honoring Peppa Pig.

Peppa: Thank you.

The End

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