8 George
This article has been rated 8 meaning it may contain words like "crap". It is unsuitable for kids under the age of 8.
Old English Narrator: Once upon a time in what we now call UK there lived a wizard he would grant three wishes to the saddest kid in the world

Pedro: I wish Peppa Would fall for me

Grandpa Pig The Wizard (GPTW): Hello Young boy what's wrong

Pedro:you stupid Wizard Can't you see my "girlfriend" won't fall for me

GPTW: Well I can grant you three wishes to HELP YOU!

Pedro: Really well for my First wish I wish to be a pig

GPTW: Well then (grants wish)

Pedro: o_o wow I'm a pig can you do more

GPTW: I can Grant you two more wishes

Pedro: Okay Then for my second wish I wish I was an Adult

GPTW: you wish it I grant it (grants wish)

Pedro: wow cool okay bye (leaves)

GPTW: but you have one more wish, forget it I'll just wait

Pedro: hey peeps sup


Pedro: I just made myself the man of your dreams because on that picnic you said and I quote "I'M DONE"

Peppa: oh Pedro I just said that because GEORGE was doing this hand wave that was REALLY annoying and i just got mad and I left

Pedro: oh let me change back HEY STUPID WIZARD GUY

GPTW: what

Pedro: well can I have that last wish thing you were talking about

GPTW: of course what is it


GPTW: (grants wish) bye Pedro

Pedro: Bye (Peppa and Pedro kiss)

Peepa: Oh you now have Hctib cuz when we kissed I passed it on to you

The End

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