Peppa and her class learn about the world.



[title card][Daddy Pig drops Peppa off]

Peppa: Hello, Everyone!

EB: Hello, Peppa!

Gazz (short for madamme gazzelle): Hello, children. Today we will be learning about the world.

Gazz: Can anyone tell me where we live?

Peppa: There! In england!

Gazz: Very good, peppa!

Gazz: Now, What state is this?

[points to france]

Danny: That's france!

Peppa: That's where delphine donkey lives!

Gazz: Very good, Danny!

Gazz: What does france make?

Pedro: Milk!

Gazz: No, Pedro. France is well known for cheese!

Peppa: Cheese is yummy.

Gazz: What state is this?

[points to u.s.a]

Peppa: Spain?

Gazz: No, Peppa. Spain is here.

[points to spain]

Peppa: Oh.

Pedro: That's america!

Peppa: You were america for international day!

Pedro: Yeehaw!

[everyone giggles]

Pedro: America is known for the wild west!

Gazz: Very good, Pedro!

[the parents come]

Narrator: The parents have come to pick up the children.

[children run to parents]

Gazz: See you tomorrow!

EB: Bye Bye!

[peppa and george goes in the car]

Daddy: What did you learn today?

Peppa: I learned all about the world!

Daddy: Ho, ho, I remember international day.

Peppa: I was france, and george was russia!

Daddy: When I was at your school, I was America!

Peppa: Pedro was america at international day!

Daddy: Thats nice.

[they arrive at there house]

[zoom out]