Narrator: Daddy pig is now a zombie!!!

Strange Talking Zombie: Shut Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Eats The Narrators Brains)

(Meanwhile At The Peppa Pig Household)

Mummy Pig: We have to get out of here!!!

George: Aaah!!! A crawler grabbed my neck and bit me!!!!

(George turns into a vampire)

George: Seriously? -teleports to Camp Crystal Lake and turns into Count Orlok from the 1922 silent horror film-

Peppa: Wait..why did George turn into a vampire?

Mummy Pig: Run!!!!! Peppa!!!!!!

(Mummy Pig Distracts The Zombies While Peppa Escapes)

(People Runs To Playgroup)

Madame Gazelle: Peppa!!!!! You naughty piggy!!!! Get into the box of shame this instant you're 3 hours late for playgroup!!!!!!!!!

Peppa: No!!!! There is a zombie apocalypse!!!!!!!

Madame Gazelle: A likely story!!!

(A Zombie jumps into the playgroup window and eats Madame Gazelle's brains)

(Madame Gazalle then turns into a zombie)

Peppa: Uh-oh... The zombies are blocking the door and theres 2 zombies in here help!!!!!

To Be Continued On Part 3

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