(Narrator is now a zombie)

Narrator: Ffasnfsa;fmka;l.

(Meanwhile at Playgroup)

Peppa: We're trapped!!!

(Mummy Pig finds an sword and shreds the zombies into pieces)

Peppa: I thought you were dead.

Mummy Pig: Mummy Pig, never dead. Aah... this'll make a great base. We must fight in the apocalypse of zombies.

Peppa: Isn't it the zombie apocalypse.

(Mutant Zombie smashes the door down and zombies come in)

(Suzy, Emily, and Pedro are now zombies)

Mummy Pig: Shoot down the zombies.

Peppa: Sorry Suzy. :'(

(Peppa shoots Suzy)

(Mummy shoots Emily)

(Danny shoots Pedro)

(1 minute of fighting later)

Zoe: Is that all of them

Mummy Pig: We forgotten the mutant.

To Be Continued On Part 4

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