(The helicopter Leaves Without Them)

Peppa: Oh no!!! Now what are we going to do!!!

Freddie: I smell a hot air balloon!!!

Everyone: Hurray!!!! We're saved!!!

(A zombie gets in the way)

Peppa: No!!!!

(The potato roller coaster crushes him)

Peppa: Meh... Nevermind.

(Everyone tries to get on the hot air balloon)

Miss Rabbit: Only room for two!!!! There is already a zombie on board!!!!!!! So one more!!!!

(The Zombie eats Miss Rabbits Brains)

(Peppa Knocks the zombies off the hot air balloon)

Peppa: Everyone!!!! Get On!!!!

(The hot air balloon flies into the clouds)

Danny: We can't stay up here for much longer I'm already hungry.

(Zoe loses balance and knocks Danny and herself of the edge)

Peppa: Well, At least we have more room

Everyone Apart From Peppa: Yeah!!!! Whatever!!!! (Repeating at Different times)

(5 Minutes In The Skies)

Peppa: Here it goes. We're gonna land.

(Everyone Lands Safetly)

Rebacca: I feel smaller.

Peppa: Yeah... Where are we.

(Fairies Fly By)

Peppa: Oh no...

To Be Continued On Part 6

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