Peppa: I hate this place. Watched the show bad stuff happens

(Flashback To Daisy & Poppy)

Ben: Hello, Talking pig and other talking animals.

Peppa: Hi. You were involved with the walking trees.

(Flashback To Daisy & Poppy Goes Banana's)

Ben: That was Daisy & Poppy.

Peppa: Oh yeah, everything was Daisy & Poppy's fault.

Wise Old Elf: Oh hello, talking pig and other talking animals)

(The Talking Animals Look At Each Other)

Wise Old Elf: We've been in the Zombie Apocalypse too you know, but it's even worse 'cause there big... zombies...

Peppa: Aah!!! Well at least they won't spot you.

Wise Old Elf: But they can stand on us. I'm going to tell you the Ben & Holly story.

Peppa: Well, this place isn't so bad after all.

To Be Continued On Part 7

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