(Everyone arrive back at the ruined Potato City)

Peppa: We need to stop these zombies!!!! But how!!!!

(Wendy Raises Her Hand)

Peppa: Yes, Wendy.

Wendy: We need to go to the lab we might find something.

Peppa: Good idea.

(Later At The Lab)

Peppa: There must be something.

(Peppa looks at the anti-venom shelf)

Peppa: It's not venom, nor disease, it's virus.

Freddie: It really took that long to find that out watch the walking dead or something like that.

Peppa: That looks like my daddy.

Freddie: Yes, but he's a zombie.

(Peppa picks up a knife and slices the daddy pig zombie to pieces)

Peppa: Well, that was easy.

Wendy: Any luck.

Peppa: Well a zombie. We'll just have to kill them then.

To Be Continued On Part 10

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