The adventures of peppa pig is a fanon series by Sonicthehedgehog223. It focuses around 10 year old peppa, and 8 year old George.

Episodes The adventures of peppa pig is a series with A season 1, 2,3, and 4, with a planed 5.


Season 1

The mud bot

Teddy vs mr.dinosaur

Tha attack of suzy sheep

George DX: directors cut

George X

Attack of Mario

Pig Wars

In Da Clubhouse

Pippaverse attack ( season 1 movie )

Motorbikes ( season 1 special )

Back To the playgroup ( season 1 finale )

Season 2

The Date

Peppa tinkles on herself ( season 2 special )

Grounded pig ( Season 2 movie )

Emond the clever clogs

Super Peppa 3d land

George unleashed ( season 2 finale )

Season 3

George colors

Super Peppa galaxy

George Adventure 2 Battle

Band geeks ( season 3 movie )

George generations

Delphine returns

Spongebob fanclub ( season 3 special )

Super peppa galaxy 2

The revenge of the pippaverse ( season 3 finale )

Season 4

Peppa and georges little kingdom ( session 4 special )

George lost world


Rock n Roll ( season 4 movie )

Spongebob the goofy goober

George 06

Chole gradutates


Hacking and torreting Tetris

Final chaos ( season 4 finale )


Main chacthers

Peppa pig. : A dumb and anayoing pig who hacks and often Gets her and her family in trouble.

George pig: A smart pig who is in 3RD grade with an IQ of 4765.

Hairy horse : A smart horse whom is a close friend of George and the one who peppa has a crush on.

Mummy pig: The mom of peppa and George who had ADDN

Daddy pig: A dumb a fat pig who is the father of peppa and George and is an Expert in Spanish.

Chile pig: The cousin of Peppa and George who is 14 Years old.

Major Chacthers

Richard rabbit: Rebecca's brother whom is Georges best friend,  Hairy's Rival, and a hacker.

Grandpa pig: Peppa and George's Grandpa who was/is a sailor.

Mummy sheep: The mom of Sammy and Suzy.

Miss rabbit: A widow who has many jobs and is the mom of Rebecca, Richard, Rudolph, Robby, Rosie, and Remi.

Mr.Rabbit: The deceased husband of Miss rabbit.

Emily Elephant: Peppa's close friend and an extreme fan of spongebob. She made a band in Band Geeks.

Rebucca rabbit: The oldest Child of the Rabbit family who is 9 in a half years old.

Robbie: A boy Who is 4 years old and, Despite being mature, tends to act up sometimes.

Granny pig: The grandmother of peppa and George who sells hats at the mall.

Recurring chacthers

Candy cat: Peppa's close friend who has an account on Peppapedia.

Rosie: A bit of a tomboy. She is very good in class and is 5 years old, However, She is not very mature.

Remi: The 4 year old class clown.

Mr .Dinosaur: Georges toy dinosaur whom he will cares for, despite it being 6 years old.

Teddy: Peppa's 8 year old plush bear whom often sits with her. At school, Teddy is in Peppa's backpack.

Zoe: A zebra who Is Candy's best friend.


Suzy sheep

Mr. Brown bear

Mr. Bull

Candy cat



other chacthers

Mr. Potato







The first episode, The Mud bot, premiered on YouTube. Other episodes have been made for downloads and YouTube.


  • Delphine isn:t a villain, she just turns into hero Delphine when she Gets mad
  • Episode 6 outdates all of the episode.
  • George has a series based on sonic games, While Peppa's is based on Mario games.
  • This is the first time Henry is actually a main chacther.
  • George is the only chacther to Have an IQ of over 2000, Hairy does, but his IQ is 899.

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