The cool dudes is a secret club created by Simon squirrel. it's (of course) for cool dudes only, but for some
The cool dudes
reason, Pedro (recently banished) was an exception. 

In the Cool dude club, all the cool dudes of the peppaverse get together, play video games, watch sports, eat tacos, and throw parties.

To show that youre a member of  The cool dudes, you have to have really cool sunglasses. which of course makes it very easy for intruders to get in.

known members

  • Simon squirrel (founder)
  • Danny dog (co-founder)
  • Peppa pig
  • Freddy fox
  • Frank fox
  • Richard rabbit
  • Kyle kangaroo
  • Jake bear
  • Christopher chinchilla


  • there's a 999 in 1000 chance that there's already a group, club, clan, or society that already has the name "the cool dudes".
    • lucky for me, this club isn't even real! XD
  • there is only one girl in the club (Peppa pig)

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