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Peppa's section


My name is Peppa pig

I am 7 years old

Today, Pedro and Candy walked in, laughing hysterically

I don't know what happened

But it might have had something to do with that quadruple rainbow I saw Last night

I had no choice but to take them to the nurse

The nurse said that they were simply drunk

But I thought things differently

Later, I saw Sonicthehedgehog223

He was editing to make Object Lockdown wiki Better

I don't know if Object shows had caused this,

But the best answer was to stay safe

Alex's Section


My name is Alex pig

I am 5 years old

People kept on acting extremely happy and nuts

So I froze Pedro and took him to my lab

I hooked him up and see if had a virus

Turns out, there actually was a virus

The virus were, Rainbow Cookies?

Rainbow cookies are known to make people go nuts

But who found them in the first place,

I don't know

Because I had the virus diagnosed, 

I could release Pedro

I found a trail of Rainbow Cookies

But these weren't normal Rainbow Cookies

Template:D:To Be continued