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(Scene of Bertram playing an app version of Happy Mrs Chicken on his ePad)

Mummy Pig: *knocks on door* Mrs McKenzie, can Peppa and George stay at your place while I go to The Local Shops?

Mummy McKenzie: Why not?

Mummy Pig: Well, here they are. *drives off*

Bertram: *sees Peppa* Hi, Peppa. Do you want me to show you what the uPad can do?

Peppa: Yes, Bertram! I've never heard of ePads before!

Bertram: Well, I can send eMails. I'll show you by sending one to Brianna, who's on the computer right now! *sends Brianna eMail*

Brianna: An eMail! An eMail! Hooray! *clicks on it and reads it* It's from Bertram, it's from Bertram! My brother! He says he's showing Peppa what the ePad can do!

Bertram: Yes, I am. Now, better get back to actually DOING it! *walks to Peppa* My uPad can also save photos! *enters photo library and shows Peppa a picture of the local shops* As you can see, this one's of the local shops!

Peppa: I like going to the local shops!

Bertram: *shows Peppa a picture of the train station open day* This one's of the train station open day! And there's train number five, the train Miss Rabbit drives.

Peppa: I should have gone there. Do you have any games on your ePad?

Bertram: Of course, Peppa. Here's Build 'N' Fly A Plane. Here's Bigopolis. Here's Medieval Maths. Here's Happy Mrs Chicken. Here's...

Peppa: I play Happy Mrs Chicken on the computer. Can you REALLY play it on an ePad?

Bertram: You indeed can. *starts playing Happy Mrs Chicken with Peppa*

Mummy Pig: *arrives* Peppa, time to go home

Peppa: But I liked playing on Bertram's ePad. Can we buy our own?

Mummy Pig: ePads are pretty expensive. I hope Daddy Pig will make us enough money.

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