After Littlebat10 has an meme overload, he breaks the fourth wall.


Peppa is sitting in a pool chair floating in Emily's pool.

Littlebat10: (snoring) pingas pingas pingas pingas (snoring) pingas-

Mac+Cool: WAKE UP!!


Window breaks.

Emily: You just broke the estate window! You ruin everything!

Littlebat10: Sorry I'm more insane than all of you! Pingas,mamaluigi,toenails...

Peppa: Um, Bat?

Littlebat10: (continues to shout memes)

Peppa: Bat! Stop! The wall!!!!!

Littlebat10: Huh?

Peppa: The forth wall is going to break if you don't stop!

The fourth wall breaks.

Littlebat10: Oooooooooo!!!!!! Hi guys!

Guy on other side of fourth wall: Uhh, hi?


Peppa: (face palm) Mr. Bull? Get over here and fix this wall!

The fourth wall is fixed.

The End

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