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Sequelll!!! since i don't wanna give any spoilers, i won't say anything up here c:


Peppa rode 1000 miles to the Peppatown forest on her bike.  -le fog is everywhere-

Peppa: phew! ~gets out flashlight~ finally here. better get moving. ~walks into the forest~ 

Mysterious voice: peppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!

Peppa: ? ~hears foot steps~


Peppa: you better ger out here! um. i have a sword! 

Suzy: ~runs out of the fog~ PEPPA! 

Peppa: AAAAAAAH!!! ~splashes apple juice on suzy~

Suzy: hey! 

Peppa:....suzy? what are you doing out here? you scared me!

Suzy: i wanted to come with you. you know, so you have someone to talk to.

Peppa: but it's freezing out!

Suzy: that's what i said to you. and look who's out here.

Peppa: well, you--...good point. let's get moving. 

~they both walk into the forest~

Suzy: woah. it's all creepy in here

Peppa: right?

Suzy:. i'm hungry. do you have any food?

Peppa: oh. here ~hands suzy some bread~

Suzy: thanks!

~the three ducks walk up~

Suzy: NOT NOW, DUCKS! ~gobbles up bread~ 

Ducks: quack! quack!! ~they all run away~

Suzy: what? you afraid of a little hunger!?


Peppa: I think they're trying to tell us something. 

Suzy: nah. they're just stupid. 

~Heropig appears behind suzy~

Peppa: um...SUZY?

Suzy: ?


Suzy: I'm not falling for it!

Peppa: Look!

Suzy: No!

Peppa: LOOK!

Suzy: NO!! ~turns around a little~ i don't care what you sa-- AAAAAH!!!


Heropig: you're not going NO WHERE!

Suzy: you better check that grammar, bro. 

Heropig: ~gets fire out of no where and throws it at suzy, lighting her on fire~

Suzy: AAHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HOLY CRAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~screamz like a dino on drugs~

Peppa: ~splashes suzy with more apple juice~ oops. there goes the last of the apple juice..

Suzy: omg..omg.. alright. i'm good. so, you are....

Heropig: They call me Heropig. You've probably never heard of me.

Suzy: actually, i have, 

Heropig: really? :D. wait no. why have you two come here!?

Peppa: well Suzy says she saw you here and i wanted to prove her wrong so i came here and she followed me and yea..

Heropig: alright. alright! i get it. well, time for you to die! :D

Peppa: ~reaches into her backpack~ not on my watc--...where's the sword!?!? ~sees the backpack has a hole at the bottom of it~ 

Suzy: no sword?

Peppa: no sword. 

Suzy: ohhhh shi--

~Heropig throws a rock at Peppa~

Peppa: ow!

Heropig: are you guys gonna die or what!8?

Peppa: Suzy! find me a replacement for a sword!

Suzy: yes, ur magesty :\ ~pulls a branch off a tree and brings it to Peppa~

Peppa: prepare to fight!

Heropig: ~floats up~ come and get me!!

Peppa: what? you can fly? no fair! 

Heropig: nothing's fair, kid.

Peppa: actually, i'm pretty sure you're younger than m-- ~gets slapped by Heropig~

Peppa: two times! REALLY, HERO?

Heropig: no one calles me that except for my FRIENDS! ~throws fire at Peppa~ 

Peppa: ~dodges fire with branch sword~ ~branch sword lights on fire~

Peppa: oh crap! oh crap! bad idea! ~pats out fire~ 

Heropig: ~blasts peppa with a laser~

Peppa: ALRIGHT! as of right now, no powers!

Heropig: aw. ~flies down~ you're no fun :c

Suzy: true dat :| 

Peppa: come and get ME! 

Heropig: um....uh..

Peppa: ~punches heropig in the face~

Heropig: OW! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! ~flies away~ 

Peppa: what about our fight!? 


~back at suzy's house~

Peppa: so, it turns out Heropig is actually a big baby.

Suzy: and you loose

Peppa: what are you talking about?

Suzy: you said Heropig wasn't real. but he IS,

Peppa: shut up.

Mummy sheep: what have you kids been doing?

Peppa: i challened Heropig to a fight and won.

Mummy sheep: .....HAHAHA! you kids and your imaginations!


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