The peppa show is a fanon series ThThat stares around peppa, and her daily misadventures.


Season Episodes first aried last aired
1 10 June 23 2016 TBA
2 7 TBA  TBA
4 11 TBA


Season 1

George's group

Battle of the bands

The race

George the swag master

Peppa's valantine

Where is richard

Suzy's new house

The fairy tale

Peppa vs. George

The adventure

Season 2

Peppa the dingbat

Peppa and george p1

Edmond learns japanese

The blue link

The red link

Peppa the killer

George learns Chinese

Voice cast

Sonic the hedgehog223 as Himself, George, Richard, Edmond, Pedro, and additional aldult and kid voices.

Now hiring!


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